Ocular Pain in the Quiet Eye Course # 34533


Len Koh, PhD, OD, FAAO


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34533 PS

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April 27, 2015

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Optometrists see patients presenting with eye pain on an almost daily basis. They are challenging to manage because the eyes and orbit are heavily innervated, so there are many causes that can lead to ocular discomfort. The most challenging cases of eye pain are those presenting with a quiet-appearing eye. Undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and mismanagement of some of these conditions can result in irreversible vision loss or systemic disability. This course focuses on 3 categories that can lead to ocular pain: 1) eye pain from an ocular or orbital source; 2) eye pain referred from a distant source; and 3) eye pain from other sources.


  • Know about the common causes of ocular pain referred from head or neck
  • Know about the common causes of ocular pain originating around the eye
  • Appreciate emergency conditions that can lead to ocular pain
  • Learn about clinical management of ocular pain
  • Understand when a referral for imaging is recommended


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