Advance Ocular Therapeutics (AOT) – OR, WA and AK licensure only course Course # 40127


Multiple Speakers


Anterior Segment

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Expiration Date:

April 15, 2023

Qualified Credits:

23.00 credits - $1000.00


The Advanced Ocular Therapeutics (AOT) course is a 23-hour certificate course on systemic and injectable medications used in eye care. This course currently meets the didactic requirements for optometrists in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska as well as for Alberta, Canada. After viewing each course of the 14 courses, the doctor will take an online exam over the course materials. To register for Advanced Ocular Therapeutics (AOT), please complete the registration form and send to Miki Buckingham at or by phone at (503) 352-2985. A passing score is 75 percent is required on all tests. Course materials were recorded in May/June 2020. The instructors are Blair Lonsberry, MS, OD, MEd, Tad Buckingham, OD, Aimee Ho, OD, & Ken Eakland, OD. *Washington requires an additional 8 hours of supervised clinical workshop and four hours of injections workshop for licensure. Please contact Optometric Physicians of Washington for information on upcoming workshops. Oregon and Alaska both require an additional 7-hour injections workshop. Once all the courses have been completed, you will receive an AOT certificate.