Principles of Systemic Therapy & Prescription Writing Course # 40105


Blair Lonsberry OD FAAO



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Expiration Date:

June 14, 2023

Qualified Credits:

2.00 credits - $49.00


Optometry’s scope of practice continues to expand including the prescribing of systemic medications in the management of ocular conditions. A crucial part of that privilege is the responsibility to understand how systemic medications act on living cells (pharmacodynamics) and what the body does to the drugs (pharmacokinetics). The following presentation will explore the various properties of drugs, their routes of administration, and how the body reacts to the drugs when administered. In addition, proper prescribing of medications will be reviewed.


  • The attendee will be familiar with how the body regulates its response to drugs.
  • The attendee will be familiar with the main routes of drug administration and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • The attendee will be familiar with the various techniques to administer medications in optometric practice including parenteral, topical, and oral.
  • The attendee will be familiar with the current opioid epidemic and the importance of responsible prescribing.
  • The attendee will be familiar with the basics of how drugs interact with receptors to influence biological properties.
  • The attendee will be familiar with the crucial components required when writing a medication prescription.


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