LIVE WEBINAR - Myopia Management New perspectives. New opportunities Course # 40086


Deborah Jones, OD


General Optometry

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November 15, 2018

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As Myopia is reaching a worldwide epidemic and particularly increasing at a younger age, It is imperative that our doctors learn about the latest research and how to apply it to clinical practice. The doctors will learn the latest research and how to control myopia in practice as well as the challenges that doctors face in the new era of myopia. This live webinar (open to ODs online without cost) to be presented by Dr Debbie Jones as the chief instructor, and assisted by Drs. Scott Mundle, and Jeff Goodhew as co-instructors who together will deliver 2-hours of live presentations on the challenges, management options, and control of Myopia in clinical practice. This webinar will allow the doctors to understand a new perspective and the different opportunities for treating Myopia.


  • The doctor will understand and be able to differentiate the options for Myopia control
  • The doctor will be more familiar and have the knowledge of the latest updates in research and how this research will allow them to understand the best treatment options for their patients.
  • The doctor will learn how to control myopia in their practice by understanding how to Myopia is an effective loss of productivity and the cost it is having on our economy.
  • The doctor will learn when pharmaceutical are needed vs. glasses or contacts and what research shows have the best results.
  • The doctors will learn how myopia in increasing and the challenges to get ahead of the epidemic. The will also learn the best methods of treating myopia and the resources available to them.
  • The doctors will learn how myopia effects patients in every region and why it is so important for doctors to put forth a consolidated effort.


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