College of Optometry Continuing Education

Welcome to an advanced continuing education program offered through Pacific University College of Optometry. We are committed to offering an educational package containing the most important topics pertaining to optometry. Our continuing education courses offer a wide variety of educational possibilities and are designed to fulfill the requirements of license renewal. All courses are COPE approved and can be used to fulfill CE requirements in all states. Check the COPE website for details on your state.

Please note that the courses on this page have expired COPE numbers and, therefore, cannot be applied toward your continuing education requirements.

Expired Continuing Education Courses

General Optometry - 1 course

ID 40084

Eclipses, Climate Change, and the Eye

This course covers the effects of infrared and ultraviolet radiation on the ocular surface like pingueculae and pterygia, media changes, and retina, and well as consequences to visual function such as erythopsia and central scotoma.

James Kundart OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A

Event #0

No Credits (course has expired)

Expired November 30, -0001

Neuro-Optometry - 1 course

ID 40047

Cortical Blindness and Charles Bonnet Syndrome


This course will highlight two different conditions, cortical blindness and Charles Bonnet Syndrome. Both are commonly found in low vision practices and hospital-based settings. The purpose is to make eye care practitioners aware of these conditions and allow them to make confident diagnoses and proper referrals.

Amiee Ho OD and David Kung OD

Event #111838

No Credits (course has expired)

Expired August 12, 2019

Posterior Segment - 2 courses

ID 40045

Corticosteroids and Their Link to Central Serous Chorioretinopathy


Overview of several cases of central serous chorioretinopathy associated with either exogenous corticosteroid use or an increase in endogenous corticosteroid levels, followed by analysis of pathophysiology and current treatment of condition.

Gleb Sukhovolskiy, OD, FAAO

Event #111709

No Credits (course has expired)

Expired July 18, 2019

ID 40083

Macular Cherry Red Spots: Causes and Consequences

This course covers the most common causes of cherry red spots of the macula, including central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO), mucolipidosis, Niemann-Pick, Sandhoff, and Tay-Sachs diseases. Symptoms, signs, differential diagnosis, and treatment will be covered.

James Kundart OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A

Event #0

No Credits (course has expired)

Expired November 30, -0001

Ethics/Jurisprudence - 1 course

ID 40044

What Every OD Should Know About Medical Malpractice


The U.S. has continued to experience large numbers of malpractice claims commenced against healthcare professionals. The Optometric Physician has NOT ESCAPED the impact. The common cause of malpractice is misdiagnosis: an error in diagnosis, lack of due diligence of care, or the ordering of improper course of treatment that injured the patient. PLEASE NOTE: This course does not fulfill Oregon's ethics/law requirement.

James W. Santoro OD JD

Event #111590

No Credits (course has expired)

Expired June 15, 2019